Vegetarian baby meal plan

We like to say: “Vegetarian baby meal plan” because when children first commence to eat, it’s more about revealing them to special tastes and textures, relatively than to provide calories.

In the opening vegetarian baby, aim for 1 to 2 tablespoons 1 to 2 times per day. By 9 months old, your baby should be complete for 3 full meals and even 1-2 deliberate drinks daily, and, by the primary birthday, wait for your baby to be eating 3 balanced meals with 2-3 drinks each day.  Vegetarian Baby

With proper plan, a vegetarian baby diet can meet your baby’s nutrient needs. Falling small of these nutrients could impede with best increase and growth.

The below food, snack and recipe ideas will help out you take in protein, omega-3 greasy acids, iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, vitamin A, D and vitamin B12 in your baby’s meal. These are nutrients that could be missing in a vegetarian diet. Also, make sure you choose texture proper for your baby’s meal age and stage.


Vegetarian food sources of these nutrients include:

Vegetarian meal plan: six months

Most infant can start with any purée single element food. As your baby gets used to the new food, present her mix of two to three ingredients.

 First Formula:

Breakfast: breast milk or formula

Mid-morning: fruit purée

Lunch: rice breakfast cereal, or mash rice, or rag porridge mix with breast milk or process

Evening: breast milk or rule

Dinner: breast milk or recipe

Bedtime: breast milk or formula

Vegetarian, baby meal
Vegetarian baby meal plan

Second Formula:


Option 1: Quinoa drizzle with milk or place-base milk like coconut milk, almond butter, berry

Option 2: tousled eggs with sautéed and chops spinach and mushroom, sprinkled with torn cheese.

Option 3: Amaranth muesli top with earth chain seed, slice banana and dice figs.


Option 1: Quinoa diverse with ragged nary, sesame baby meal seed and black bean.

Option 2: Hard boil egg, finely slice with sautéed finely slice bell pepper.

Option 3: shed cheese with dice melon or berries.

Option 4: Shredded scorched potato top with lodge cheese or torn cheese, chop herbs.

Option 5: Veggie burger with cheese and slice avocado, and wall of coffee rice gently cooked.


Option 1: Manioc pasta, spaghetti pulp with chop seaman, sautéed kale.

Option 2: Lasagna turn round: ripe lasagna noodles wrap with a bony layer of tomato sauce, whole milk ricotta cheese, and cooked chop spinach.  Cut the move ups into a mass your child’s chew ability can feel.

Option 3:  Tofu cook with soft thinly sliced sautéed vegetable of your alternative over buckwheat or other complete .

Option 4:  Arid tofu, parched sugary potato (without skin), lightly sliced roast or steamed cauliflower.

Option 5:  Acorn or spaghetti crush full and arid with black beans, quinoa, earth walnuts, chop figs, spinach.



Option 1: Tropical tofu smoothie: ½ cup dice cold mango, ½ solid banana, 1 cup pineapple juice, ¾ cup silky tofu, ¼ cup earth flax seed.

Option 2: Yogurt method  Sweet Yogurt clean

Option 3: Keep cold and allow flavor to meld about 30 minutes.

Option 4: Baby’s guacamoles serve with size suitable whole speck wild: 1 big ripe avocado, ½ cup peel and seed cucumber, and ¼ tsp ground cumin. Hole in the ground avocado, hollow out avocado and add to food process with cucumber and cumin.

Our meal plans offer recipe and meal suggestion for your child. The meal plans suggest helping size that may or may not be suitable for your child. Please discuss with your doctor to decide what is best for your children.


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