Upma Recipe If you are craving for a healthy wholesome

Upma Recipe

If you are craving for a healthy wholesome snack with authentic southern spices then this formula is a must-try for you! If you are planning to shed a few fat, then Upma makes for a perfect snack or breakfast option. Made with dry roasted semolina (shoji) and vegetables,Upma is a nutrient-rich accepted Indian breakfast dish.

Upma Recipe

However, there are many ways of preparing this savory dish, but the best way to prepare it is with adding your own twist of spices and ingredients. This quick recipe can be prepared using some simple ingredients available in every kitchen like urad dal, chana dal, shoji, curry leaves, cumin seed and vegetables. In fact, you can add cyclic veggies like beetroot, annoy carrots, cauliflower to name a few. Veggies like beetroot enhance the taste and add a reddish tint to the Upma formula. To make it extra delicious you can dry roast veggies, grind it together and then insert it to the Upma recipe. Unlike other recipes it takes very less preparation time and can be made with simple spices. Upma is a perfect lunch box formula, which your kids will love. Serve it with chutneys, Samba and Papad, this will create this Southern delight a wholesome meal. So don a chef’s hat and impress your loved ones by this culinary delight.

After few minutes, insert curry leaves and stir the mixture. Curry leaves will insert a nice aroma to this dish. Insert onions and potato in the pan. Sauté the onions till they turn slightly pinkish in hue. Then add tomato, carrot and capsicum piece to it and stir well.

Upma Recipe
Then add the roasted shoji. Do not pour the shoji at one go. Just keep on adding little quantity and simultaneously stir the contents so that the raw or the shoji mixes evenly. Let the raw cook for five minutes on a low flame. Now transfer the contents interested in a bowl. Garnish the upma with roasted peanuts and serve hot with coconut chutney or samba.

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