This is a Caramel Slice that workings as promised

Caramel Slice

This is a Caramel Slice that workings as promised – the creamy caramel sets perfectly and will by no means be runny, the chocolate won’t crack when cutting it and the caramel won’t ooze out. It’s an easy formula with no thermometer required.

Caramel Slice

Essentially, this recipe fixes every the grievances I had with other recipes I’ve tried over my lifetime!

It’s barely Australian for a bakery to NOT sell Caramel Slice. With a simple coconut biscuit bottom, soft caramel filling and a chocolate top, it’s one of those treats that are craved by kids and grown-up.

I’ve only ever well-known it as a Caramel Slice, other than I was quite interested to learn that overseas, it’s as well known as Millionaire’s Shortbread (appropriate!), Caramel Shortbread, Chocolate Caramel bar.

A Caramel Slice recipe that actually works

Doesn’t really issue what you call these. Now sight of them surely brings a smile to anyone’s face, and that, my friends, is a universal foreign language.

A Caramel Slice recipe that actually works

I’ve tried countless recipes over the years including from some well known cooks, and common “best always” recipes but always experienced problems such as:

  • Runny caramel
  • Chocolate topping cracked when it was sever

I think some recipes create Caramel Slice overly complicated, trying to create the caramel using a traditional candy making method which calls for a thermometer and exact caramel temperature.

Scratch that. Make Caramel Slice the simple way using condensed milk. Tastes just like you get a hold from the bakeries!

What goes in Caramel Slice

  • Base– a coconut biscuit base, not too syrupy (because the caramel filling is plenty syrupy!)
  • Caramel filling– the secret ingredient now is condensed milk. So we create a caramel using sugar and butter, then we add condensed milk which thickens it and make the caramel set;
  • Chocolate topping– the secret to make sure the chocolate doesn’t crack when cut is a touch of oil!



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