This chili garlic noodles formula is a must

Chili Garlic Noodles Recipe

This chili garlic noodles formula is a must-try for people who love noodle recipe or Indo-Chinese food. Simple, colorful and so flavorful, this chili garlic noodles recipe is something that everybody will appreciate. Simple to whip up and full of healthy veggies, these tasty with healthy chili garlic noodles is perfect to have every time of the day. It looks great on the plate, which makes this formula for noodles best for serving to the guests. Kids love to enjoy this tasty beg noodles recipe and adults favor it too! It is perfect to be served with dishes like Chili Potatoes and Chili Manchurian. It can be enjoy as it is or with Manchurian gravy.

Chilli Garlic Noodles Recipe
Chilli Garlic Noodles Recipe

Every you want to prepare this mouth-watering delight be clean noodles, onion, carrot, mechanism onion, chili garlic paste with crushed garlic along with red chilies. While cookery for kids, you can balance its spiciness with adding some ketchup. It is also an outstanding choice for weekends when everyone demands interesting food. You can also add 2-3 green chilies if you love spicy food! To increase the flavor of this fusion recipe, you can also insert some more veggies like bell peppers with chopped celery stalks. This will enhance the flavor of the noodles dish along by the health quotient. To balance the spiciness of this mouth-watering appetizer recipe, you can add a quantity of rice vinegar or white vinegar while sautéing the veggies. Add a little tomato ketchup to balance the spiciness of the dish with enhancing the flavor. Also, instead of refined grease, you can use sesame grease to make the dish healthier. This is an easy-to-make with quick noodles recipe that only takes 25 minutes with thus can be made for occasions like kitty gathering, potluck, and even game night. Your links will love this noodles recipe. You can also pack it for your kids’ Tiffin by adding extra veggies in it and lowering the spiciness, with you will be surprised to see empty Tiffin boxes.

Chop the onions with transfer them in a bowl. at the moment, grate the carrot keen on fine julienne and keep them aside.

  • Step 2 Boil the noodles until soft

Add 3 cups of water in a pan with heat it over the medium-high flame. Once the hose down starts to boil add fresh noodles keen on it and allow it to cook until it gets soft. Once the noodles be boiled, move them in a glass bowl and keep aside.



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