The benefits of black cumin cannot be over stated

Blackberries are stuffed

The benefits of black cumin cannot be over stated. Rich in natural health benefits, this ingredient is rich in minerals. Which is very beneficial for health. And mashed potatoes are also a very healthy food.

Blackberries are stuffed

Ingredients: Half a cup of black cumin, 3 green chillies, 3 dried chillies, half a cup of chopped onion, 1 garlic, salt to taste.

Method: Stir in half a cup of kalojira in a pan while keeping the flowers on fire. It should be folded until the aroma of black cumin comes out. When folded, take it down and cool it. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan and remove the three green chillies. Also, fold the three dried chillies without removing the stalks. Many people use black cumin paste with more salt.Now fry it with half a cup of onion and a clove of garlic. Now fold the black cumin in a mixer and grind it well in cold condition. Then take the dried chillies, fried raw chillies and fried onions and garlic in a mixer and grind them well with powdered black cumin and half a teaspoon of salt.If you want, you can also take a bet on Shil Pata. There is no need to oil this filling separately. Because black cumin has a different oil, and the spices are all fried in oil.

Blackberries are stuffed

Now a little in handMake small balls of oil and serve. In this way, you can easily make healthy blackberries.You know what You can also submit your own article on our site by clicking on this article to know and highlight the news of you or your area. Know yourself and let others know. And our Facebook fanpage has a lot of funny funny videos and many more funny tips, so if you don’t want to be deprived of these, come and like our Facebook fanpage now.

Blackberries are stuffed4

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