Roast beef tenderloin

Roast beef tenderloin

It’s so easy to roast juicy beef tenderloin that melts in your mouth with every bite. Even better when serve with a rich and rustic, easy to make red wine sauce (before jus).

A gourmet choice, just as fine as a Prime Rib with a garlic herb crust! Our beef tenderloin procedure is perfect for Christmas, New Years or to simply spoil physically with an indulgent weekend dinner! Worth each penny when perfectly roasted to your desired preference.

Whole tenderloins are selling as either:

Roast beef tenderloin
Roast beef tenderloin
  • Unpeeled – the fat and silver skin remain.
  • Peeled – the fat is removed, silvers kin is intact.
  • Peeled with silver skin removed and side muscle (chain) left on or off.

Unpeeled whole tenderloins are cheaper to buy but require other work to prepare for roasting. The most expensive option of beef tenderloin is the third selection. It requires less prep employment by you since the fat and trimmings have been removed. Some butchers as well tie it for you, ready for roasting straight away.

What is the best system to cook beef tenderloin?

The best way to roast beef tenderloin in two easy steps:

sear first, then roast in the oven to come to an end it off. You get the most excellent, crispy browned external without drying it out. It’s easier than you think!

Next, the red wine sauce. It’s totally optional, so easy and absolutely hard to believe. You will feel like a gourmet chef serving this beef tenderloin to your company.

How to trim beef tenderloin?

Roast beef tenderloin
Roast beef tenderloin

SILVERSKIN: First, trim the Silvers kin of the tenderloin if it has been left on (the thin, silver membrane that remains tough when cooked – see images below). Run a knife just now under the membrane and carefully slice it off.

CHAIN: Your tenderloin possibly will still have the chain attached, which looks like a fatty thin quantity of meat running down the length of the tenderloin. You will need to do away with this also. Reserve the chain and use it in our fast Cooker Beef Stew.

HALVE: Cut the tenderloin in half to create two little roasts. Easier to cook than a whole tenderloin, giving you the opportunity of roasting each one with different durations. We cook one medium rare and the other well done, leaving it in the range longer, pleasing everyone in our people.


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