Punjabi Mix Dal Recipe the most popular foods

Punjabi Mix Dal Recipe

Dal is one of the most popular foods in North India that is savored by people of all age groups. When the dal is mixed with a tempting tankan, it taste incredible. This Punjabi mix dial is delicious as well as healthy and has an equal proportion of china and unread dal. It is an authentic Punjabi recipe made with customary Indian spices. This easy dal recipe is openhandedly garnished by a tempering of dry red chillies, cumin seeds and asafetida. This deliciously cooked Dal is made by onions, garlic-ginger, tomatoes and is seasoned perfectly by salt, red chili powder and turmeric powder. This dal formula is not only easy to digest but at the same time, it make for a perfect lunch/dinner formula.

It tastes excellent when served by cooked rice, rote, latches paratha, or nanas. You can prepare this formula when you’re not in a mood to make great elaborate. It will save you a lot of time with effort. They are surely going to shower you with praises with compliments.

This delicacy is one of the most typically made in every Indian home. But, to make it taste even more wonderful, you can tweak this traditional formula as per your taste & preference. As well, if you be on your weight loss journey, then, this can make for a pleasant meal option as it is high in protein and is certainly a well choice to go for. If you’re a spice lover, then you may also customize this recipe a bit by adding more red chilies as it will add an more zing to the dish. Thus, next time when you want to make amazing delicious and easy, then try this and savor with your family.

Punjabi Mix Dal Recipe
  • Step 1 Soak the dales separately

To make this delicious formula, soak the china dal and unread dal separately for about 15 minutes. Wash them twice or thrice with keep in different bowls.

  • Step 2 Pressure cook china dal

Take a pressure cooker and fill it by 2 cups of water and chant dal. Add salt and turmeric powder. Cook until 2 whistle and turn off the gas. Let it cool.

  • Step 3 Add soaked unread dal & cook

Add soaked unread dal into the boiled chana dal, cook until 2 whistle. Keep the cooker away.


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