Perfect Roasted Cabbage (Quick & Simple!)

Perfect Roasted Cabbage (Quick & Simple!)

Cabbage may just be our preferred vegetable to roast because it gets crunchy, caramelized, a little sweet, and pairs well by just about any seasoning! Just the once roasted, it’s perfect for adding to crockery, salads, with soups, or just enjoy as a side.

Perfect Roasted Cabbage (Quick & Easy!)

It also couldn’t be there easier — just 3 ingredient, 1 pan, with 25 minutes required. Let us confirm you our tried-and-true manner for perfect roasted cabbage every time!

Why Roast Cabbage?

Have you ever look in the fridge and asked yourself, “How am I leaving to use up this entire head of cabbage before it goes bad?” If thus, then you need roast cabbage (with sauerkraut) in your life.

Perfect Roasted Cabbage (Quick & Easy!)

Once roast, it shrinks downhill, become sweet, and gradually that doomed-for-the-compost cabbage has a fresh life!

How to Make Roasted Cabbage

To make sure we were bring you the best possible roasted cabbage recipe, we tested cutting the cabbage in a variety of ways, plus different cooking temperature, times, seasonings, and other.

In the finish, our tried-and-true manner won out: Thinly sliver cabbage, lightly coat with grease, salt, with seasonings (optional), and then bake to crispy excellence!

Intended for seasonings, our favorite combination is our DIY curry fine particles. Also delicious would be alive our Sahara or Zapata. But even when seasoned with just salt, you’ll be amazed how quickly the painful is devoured.

It’s perfect as a side by nearly any main or added to crockery, salads, soup, and other. It would go especially in good health in Savory Mooing Dali Rice Crepes with 1-Pan Potato (Aloe) Sabzi. Or serve alongside crusty Quinoa Sweet Potato fritter or Curried Quinoa Chickpea Burgers. The possibilities be endless!

Perfect Roasted Cabbage (Quick & Easy!)

A quick and simple tutorial for making PERFECT roasted cabbage every time! brittle, delectable, and versatile. Just 3 ingredient, 1 pan, and 25 minutes necessary.

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