Peas Pula is a perfect North Indian gladness……

Peas Pula Recipe

Peas Pula is a perfect North Indian gladness, which is simply an inseparable part of Indian cooking culture. In fact, all region in India has a different version of this dish. Generally prepared during winters, this simple Peas Pula recipe is a must have and can be present made when peas be easily available. bottle green peas is a seasonal veggie usually available during winters and the versatile taste of this ingredient make it a delicious ingredient to prepare several dishes like Matter Pander, Matter Mushroom to name a few. Although, Pula is a total wholesome dish and can be relished without any side dish, but when you be planning something special and want to create your meal even more delicious, then serve it with Mutton Kasha, Mutton Sikhs, Chicken curry or if you love vegetarian delicacy serve it with dishes like Pander Paysandú or Pandora Pander.

Peas Pula Recipe

If you have some guests or relatives coming over for a family get mutually, then this interesting recipe will make for a nice dish to serve by your dry spicy side dish! Moreover, what makes this dish even other delicious is the infusion of spices and herbs to make it more aromatic and tempting. The most excellent thing about this simple Pula recipe is that it can be prepared at home without putting in much efforts and spending too much of flash in the kitchen. To make it other delicious crush some almonds and nuts by garnishing this dish with some crushed almonds and cashews. One pot meals have turned out to be a recent fad among young people and this dish can perfectly fit into that criteria.

If you have picnic or potluck plans, then try this dish and we bet you will be showered by praises and compliments for your excellent cooking skills. This simple one pot meal is filling and goes well with almost everything be it a starter or any side dish.

Serve it with some highly spiced side dish or main course, or else you can also pair it by starters. So, next time you want to treat your loved ones by something delicious, then try this dish and woo them by your culinary skills.

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