Our Best Cuban Recipes From Havana

Our Best Cuban Recipes

From Havana to Miami with back: Here’s how to create the most popular Cuban foods

While the Cuba no sandwich has long been well-liked stateside, it’s far from the no more than Cuban food that deserves your interest. Heck, it’s not even the just Cuban sandwich that deserves your attention. Consider the eggs, sugar-dusted medianoche (a sort-of Cuba no-Monte Cristo hybrid) before the sweet, jammy Elena Ruiz. What Miamians call a Cuban burger involves a spicy beef-and-chorizo pastry, topped by—wait for it—a mound of brittle shoestring fries.

Our Best Cuban Recipes

We’ve also rounded up recipe for traditional Cuban entrées that highlight beef (ropa Viejas), pork (pernil asado con major), chicken (fricassé de pollo), and catch fish (Pascal en escabeche)—as well as such common sides as frijoles Negros and yucca with garlic sauce. Of course, a meal of Cuban dishes is not at every complete without coffee and dessert, whether ice finest, pastelitos, marinated papaya, or yucca Bunuel’s. In the central city of Morón, dinner might end by the buttery shortbread cookies locals call troikas.

And no, stupid, we didn’t forget the cocktail Cuba is famous for. Monitors? Check. A sassy pineapple monitors variation? ensure. The rum-laden daiquiri Hemmingway once spontaneous at Havana’s El Floridity? ensure, verify, and confirm. applause!


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