Mint and Ginger Iced Tea Recipe

Mint and Ginger Iced Tea Recipe

There’s nothing other refreshing than tea after a long hectic day. Even during summers a glass full of spiced ice tea can be the most excellent concoction to quench the thirst. Try this ginger and make iced tea, which can instantly rejuvenate your senses. To make this easy drink, every you need is Ginger, mint leaves, tea bags, lemon and you are good quality to go. It can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Ginger has high levels of antioxidants in it which can help in increasing the body’s vulnerability. It can help in lowering stress and angst. That’s why people generally have Ginger tea. Mint is a calming herb that improves absorption. Lemon being rich in Vitamin C can work also as a detoxifying negotiator. Moreover, it protects the body against various infection. This iced tea is quite flavorful due to its ingredients like lemon juice, fragrant mint leaves, red, and honey. It can be garnished with mint leaves or a lemon slice and is serve chilled. Serve this drink to your kids when they come house after playing. It will energize them and rest their body. Try this beverage now and enjoy it by your loved ones.

Mint and Ginger Iced Tea Recipe

To prepare this ice tea, take a pan by water and add the dry ginger. allocate the blend to boil nicely.

Remove the pan from the flame. Next, pour this blend to a jar and insert the tea bags. Let the tea bags gentle for a while. one time the blend attains a normal room temperature. Remove the tea bags and tap the mint leaves and insert them to the tea. Refrigerate the swig for some time.

Next, take the serve glasses; pour the tea using a strainer. Then insert in the lemon juice and honey. Add some ice cubes and garnish by mint leaves and lemon slices.

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