Mango Lassie

Mango Lassie

Soft Mango Lassie made with sweet mangoes, yogurt and tap of cardamom!

Enjoy this summer drink while clean mangoes are still in season.

Mangoes! Yeah they are delectable and more than half of Indians are fanatical with them. I am not kidding! But I am not single of those.

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I like mangoes but I’m not obsessed with them. usa are so obsessed by mangoes that I have heard countless stories of public packing tons of mangoes into their bags on their way back to the USA and then they all finish up going in the trash!

Yeah clean fruits, veggies aren’t allowable but the love of mangoes overpowers all logic and everything in between!

I get it those usa mangoes are the best and nothing in US comes even close but why would you pack so many mangoes when you know the custom people are going to throw it in the trash, beat me!

Mango Lassie

Anyway when mangoes be in season, I love eating them as such or insert them to my salads. Do you guys make that? Insert mango to your salads?

one more way in which I like mango is Mango Lassie.

What Is Mango Lassie

In the usa subcontinent “Lassie” refers to any yogurt base drink.

For this mango lassie procedure, I have use mangoes, yogurt, milk, darling and cardamom.

A lot of times lassie is made with “yogurt single”, traditionally that’s how it was complete.

But I like to add little milk to my lassie since I don’t like it super thick. You can use all yogurts if you aren’t a fan of adding milk to your lassie.

You may also insert saffron or a splash of rose water for extra flavors but that is optional.

It’s thick, cute and creamy and one of the best ways to enjoy mangoes!

Can You Make Mango Lassie Vegan?

You absolutely can. I would recommend using plain almond milk yogurt at this time.

That works most excellent! Or you can use any extra non-dairy yogurt you like.

I would not recommend coconut yogurt since that will present it a very coconut-y flavor.

Method- How to Make Mango Lassie

1- To a big bowl or cup, add 1 cup clean mango pulp. I got the pulp from 2 large sweet mangoes which I blended in a blender to create it smooth.

You can use canned mango pulp if you can’t get sweet mangoes.

2- To the matching bowl, now add yogurt. I have used plain whole milk yogurt at this time.

3- Now add cold milk (or water). I add this to thin out the lassie a bit. Also add the sugar and the cardamom gunpowder.

4- Blend everything until fine combined. I used an interest blender.

Pour the mango lassie into serving glasses and chill before serving!

You may garnish with nuts and saffron strand before serving.

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