Learn the proper rules for cooking vegetables

Learn the proper rules for cooking vegetables


Vegetables play an important role in our health. Especially green vegetables are very beneficial for the body. But many of us do not know the rules of cooking vegetable properly. Due to which the proper nutrition value of these foods is lose.


Remember, green leafy vegetables contain vitamins C, E, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, salt, fiber, antioxidants and many other elements. Fibrous vegetables help keep the stomach clean. For example, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, pumpkin, sweet pumpkin, etc. contain a lot of fiber.

How to cooking vegetables safely

Green leafy vegetables also contain a lot of folate. Folate helps our body maintain normal levels of the amino acid ‘homocysteine’ in the blood. High levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood can damage our nervous system and even cause death. Vitamin E and folate help our nervous system to function more efficiently and increase memory.

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In most cases, vegetables are cook without following proper rules. In this way the nutritional value of food is lose a lot. And when the food quality of the vegetables cooked in this way is spoil, the body does not get proper nutrition from it. As a result, a lot of money, time and labor is wast and the body is deprive of nutrition. Eating vegetables according to the right rules plays a much bigger role in keeping the body healthy. Let’s find out today what are the rules to eat vegetables and its qualities will remain intact.

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Vegetable peel and peel contain valuable vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body. Therefore, vegetables with peel should  cooked and eaten. Rinse the vegetables thoroughly in water before cutting. Never wash vegetables after cutting. Never soak chopped vegetables in water. It is not advisable to chop or chop vegetables too much. It is not good to cut the curry long before cooking.

Eat more salads made of raw vegetables regularly. Salads made from a mixture of vegetables and a few vegetables provide good nutrition.

Vegetables must  cooked with oil. The vitamins in vegetables can  easily dissolved in oil. If vegetables  cooking  long time, vitamins are lose.

Dear reader, last but not least, if you can make it a habit to eat vegetables regularly, you will never need to take extra vitamin pills.

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