Jeera Rice is a simple and popular rice formula

Jeera Rice Recipe

Jeera Rice is a simple and popular rice formula that you can create on days you does not want to eat plain, steamed rice. To make the perfect restaurant- style Jeera Rice, you must be very watchful about the cooking time of rice as it should not be overdo. This rice recipe goes well with Pander Butter Masala and Daal Machine.

Jeera Rice Recipe

You can also pair this version of rice recipe with Rajma, Chhole and even Kati. This is one of the most popular rice recipes that can be all set in just a few minutes. The best thing about make it at home is that you can control the excellence and quantity of ingredients used to make this dish. Rice is one such versatile element, which can be paired with almost every veggie, meat and nuts This recipe is a nice option to go for as it does not change the true concentrate of rice, however, it adds on to the taste and make it more delectable. Also, with Jeera Rice you can have the true flavors of side dish, the non-spicy flavors of this dish blends well with extra main course dishes.

This fast rice dish can also be served with non-vegetarian delicacies like Korma, Mutton Kafka to name a few. If you have sudden guests dropping with then this can make for a nice delectable recipe. This Jeera Rice recipe makes for a careful lunch or dinner delicacy. So next time when you are not in a mood to cook amazing exotic and elaborate, just try this dish and woo your loved ones by your culinary skills.

Jeera Rice Recipe

Jeera rice is one of the most popular and simple rice delicacies, which can be made at home by subsequent just a few simple steps. To put in order this delightful dish, here’s what you need: Wash the basmati rice in frosty running water. Soak the rice for some time, this reduces the cooking time. Then, take a bowl; add 3 cups of water along by rice.

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