impunity inoculation drink recipes | drinks to improve resistant

impunity  inoculation drink recipes | drinks to improve resistant system | kasha drink recipe with detailed photo and video. an easy and simple home-based beverage made with easily available spices in most of the indian kitchen. it is an perfect immunity drink and avoid cold, cough and flu-related problems. these drinks can easily fit in your day to day diet and can replace the other popular beverages like tea or chocolate for a better cause.


in this post i have tried to confine 3 popular kasha drink recipe. however, i believe each county and state of india has its own variation with a different set of ingredients to match its demographic. with this post, i have try to capture 3 most popular and helpful recipes. first one is turmeric ginger drink, where i have organized ginger spice mix freshly and boiled with a hint of turmeric. we all the know the health payback of turmeric, but when combined with other spice it double. the second one is ginger tulsi drink, where i have used bright tulsi leaves boiled with the spices and ginger. to enlarge this recipe, i have follow the advice from the ayush mantralaya kadha. this drink not only helps to improve immunity but also helps to improve your skin. the third one is the fresh mint drink. in this have prepared the fresh spice mix, by crushing fresh mint trees and spice. later it is boil with water to get a fresh and perfumed drink.

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