I’m eating nuts Summer is over

I’m eating nuts

Summer is over! Tell me, what happens if you feel cold at this time to get peace of mind and body? You can easily make almond lachchi at home with the materials at hand. Some more nutrients are added to the nuts. Use no extra sugar in this recipe


It is a healthy drink. This is perfect for those who follow a healthy diet chart! Almonds contain protein, calcium, vitamin E, fiber, anti-oxidants, omega three fatty acids and many more nutrients! I know the benefits of nuts, but how to make this lachchi, that’s what you think? Then, learn the whole method of making almond lachchi without hesitation!·         Rules for making nuts·         Materials·         Almonds – 1/2 cup·

      • Tokadai – 1 cup·        • Condensed milk – 2 cups·        • Banana – ·         Ice cubes –  tablespoons·         • Honey –  teaspoons·         Vanilla essence –  drops·       

  Preparation method·

1) Almonds, peanuts, walnuts or pesto; This lachchi can be made with any type of nut! First soak the nuts in clean water for a while.·

2) Now blend with almonds and honey in a blender jug ​​for 1 minute.

Even if the nuts are not very fine!·

3) Then add tokadai, liquid milk, banana, ice cubes and a little vanilla essence and beat for 30 seconds. A very good creamy and smooth mixture will be made.

4) Those who like to eat thin, they can add cold water. But this lachchi of nuts is better if it is a little thicker!·

5) Another thing, if you do not have vanilla essence at home, you can give a little cardamom powder. It is mainly used for flavor.

        In fact, the nutritious and refreshing drink was made in a very short time! Now pour in a glass and serve with cold almond lachchi. You can add almonds with mint leaves for garnish. If you have every the ingredients at hand, makes it today.



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