How to Pickle Onions Simple to DIY at house

How to Pickle Onions

Simple to DIY at house, your kitchen should always have a jar of pickle onions.

A bright pop of color and brave flavor, pickled onions are a fridge staple that can amp up even the most boring of meal. They’re also incredibly easy to create, sense you can have a steady supply on hand with small effort. Customize each batch by your choice of onions, vinegars, sugars, and add-ins to create a unique pickled treat all time.

How to Pickle Onions


If you start with a basic recipe, you can experiment and mix-and-match your ingredients and their ratios to make tradition pickled onions to fit all your flavor needs.


Mix together the first four ingredients until the salt and sugar melt. Material the onions and any add-ins into an air-tight lidded jar. Pour the brine mix into the jar, cover, and leave to sit at room temperature for an hour. Put in the fridge, where the onions will keep for concerning two to three weeks.Onions

Red onions are by far the most well-liked type of onion for pickle because of both their vibrant color and mild flavor. But if you want to alter things up, you can use pretty much any variety of onions instead. Bitter onions can be found at the grocery store under the name of Vidalia’s, Walla Wallis, or Maui’s and makes a great contrast to the tangy brine. White or golden onions, commonly used for cookery, will have an extra bold onion flavor. Shallots also work healthy too in pickling recipes, creating an other onion-garlic hybrid taste.

Your onions need to be prepped before being pickle. The most common way is to thinly slice them into either complete circles or sliced into half-moons. This shape is outstanding for topping any kind of dish. But if you’re other of a relish fan and plan to use these onions as a condiment, you can finely dice the onions too to create a finely textured keep.


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