How to Make Swiss Potato Rosita Prep Cook

How to Make Swiss Potato Rosita

What Are Rosita Potatoes?

Rosita is a Swiss potato dish perhaps best described as a cross connecting hash browns and a potato pancake. It is well-liked throughout Switzerland. It’s cut into wedges and served with sausages or extra meats and cheeses.

This versatile dish also can be topped with an egg and served with a salad for brunch or light dinner or alongside a steak or extra red meat for a satisfying main course.



Grate the peeled raw potatoes into a basin. The rasping is more often than done by hand and traditionally with a rusty grater with large holes, but a pack up grater will do nicely. You can do it with a mechanism, but the results might not be fairly authentic.

You may also make rusty with parboiled potatoes. Roast them al dente one day in advance, peel, and store up in the refrigerator. Grate them just before you cook them.


Start the process by cook the grated potatoes.

  • Melt 2 to 4 tablespoons of grease in an 8-inch nonstick or cast-iron skillet. Add the grated potatoes about 1 inch deep and salt them as preferred.
  • Insert onions or optional spices as desired.
  • roast the potatoes over medium heat several minutes, stirring two or three times with a metal spatula to coat the potatoes evenly with grease.
  • Pat the potatoes into a cake with the spatula and let them roast for 10 minutes.

This step can be alive a bit of a challenge.

  • When the bottom of the potato cake is golden-haired brown, place a plate that barely fits inside the skillet on top of the potatoes. Invert the roast, holding on to the platter.
  • Remove the pan and set it front on the stove. Add another tablespoon or so of grease to the pan, allowing it to melt.


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