My take on cranberry jalapeno dip is heavy on the jalapenos and scallions and a little lighter on the sugar and ointment cheese. The result is an incredibly delicious and colorful snack that make the best Thanksgiving or Christmas appetizer!

Last thanks, I hosted my family and all of our friends for dinner. My friend Isabel completed this DELISH dip with cranberry jalapeno salsa more cream cheese, and I kid you not so as to I have been dreaming of recreating it for the past 12 months!!

After a couple round of experimentation, and several days of enjoying the bits and pieces (yum!), I think I finally nailed the relation. Being that this is a Vegan World, I greater than before the veggies (jalapenos and bottle green onions) in the dip and cut back on the darling. It’s still got a grand sweet taste, with some spicy and savory hint.

I also used less cream cheese than other recipe has, but I used a hand blender to whip it before serving to create extra volume. Oh, and we can’t forget to talk regarding the flush! The gorgeous fresh cranberries and olive veggies give it the most celebratory appearance.

If you’ve never worked with clean cranberries, they have so a great deal to offer! Their pretty color is a effect of the anthocyanin pigments they contain. Anthocyanins exhibit anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effect. Plus, cranberries are a high-quality source of vitamin C, an important nutrient for imperviousness.


Cranberry jalapeno dip is a must-make during the holiday period. It tastes delicious with Truscott crackers or small pieces of toasted bread. If you’re not feeling the ointment cheese, you can just make the cranberry jalapeno like and serve that by tortilla chips. I’d love to hear your take on this formula in the comments!

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