Healthy, Natural Sweet and Sour Shrimp

Healthy, Natural Sweet and Sour Shrimp

Chinese Food Cravings

I love sweet and sour everything. I have guilty pleasures eating in our favorite Chinese restaurants or takeout food once in a while when time or energy is low to cook at house. While Chinese takeout satisfies craving, it often comes at a price: overly greasy, salty, goopy sweet or drowned in sauces that have MSG or reproduction additives. Unhealthy restaurant versions are also often thickly battered and deep-fried, an Americanized departure from the customary dish. We get frequent questions in our cook classes on how to cook Chinese at home with less effort and not sacrifice nutrition.

Home-Chef Sweet and Sour Shrimp formula, Less chop, Shopping

Here’s what we do at house: an easy, scrumptious, strong spin on Sweet and Sour Shrimp that is versatile, too e.g. can include vegetables or not; enjoyed hot or cold, peeled or unpeeled shrimp, like Shrimp Cocktail and cole slaw; and be serve as an appetizer or entree over rice, healthy grains or noodles.

This description is high in flavor but lower in sodium, fat, sugar and the sauce is expected, soy free, gluten free and MSG free of charge. (You can for all time add your own salt and hot sauce to taste. That’s the easy part.)

Healthy, Natural Sweet and Sour Shrimp

  Peeled or Unpeeled Shrimp?

Traditionally, my family cooks and eats shrimp whole and unpeeled to retain utmost flavor and moisture. And we’re trained as kids to consume and suck whole shrimp (like whole fish with skeleton) in our mouths with less messiness on the hand. That’s definitely other work so it’s your preference, peel or unpeeled shrimp.

We try to support sustainable or home fisheries when possible like Georgia wild-caught shrimp. Check out Marine Stewardship Council resources on how you can help out as a consumer or business.

Supply up on our natural, family “recipes in a bottle” sauces to enjoy fast, natural dishes at house (or jazz up plain, fast food/deli sandwiches, wraps and salads–instantly!)



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