Go to is a type of rice porridge among innards of either

Special Go to Recipe

Go to is a type of rice porridge among innards of either pig or cow. This Special Go to formula uses both ox tripe and pig intestine. Go to has been famous in the Philippines because it is prohibitive and can easily satisfy hunger. This has also been a breakfast favorite and a rainy day comfort cooking.

 The most part important thing that you should remember after cook this special go to is to clean the ox tripe and pig intestine thoroughly. If you can wash it several times until the pungent smell is left, that is the best. Also, we will need to boil them for a couple of hours or other until the quality is soft enough for us to chew the softer, the better.

Ingredients-for-Go to-Recipe

When make any type of rice porridge, some people think that they need to add more rice. Adding other rice will result in adding more water later on. This will affect the quantity of the other ingredients too. Make sure that you start with just 1 cup of rice (good quality for 3 to 4 persons) and work your way to more if you think that this is not enough. The ratio of the ingredients below is perfect for 3 to 4 personnel.

Go to is best served with egg, green onions, toasted garlic, and chicharon. I also love to have it with a small fish sauce and calamanco (before lemon).

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