Fresh Super Bowl Recipes  

Fresh Super Bowl Recipes

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Whereas I’m typically just in it for the food and drink, our home group is playing tomorrow! We’ll be calming for the Chiefs from Kansas metropolitan area.

I’ve smoothed up thirty-three of my best pastime day recipe for you. True to form, they’re all bright and lacto-vegetarian. You could name many of these recipes in good bodily shape, or in good physical condition than the habitual Super Bowl food and gulp down. Advanced than all, they’re appetizing and nation makes for an impressive twilight at home.

I’ve arranged the recipe by an appetizers and dips, major tableware and side, desserts, and cocktails. Be sure to bookmark this page for prospect game days. You can find even more options right here. May the best team win.

Fresh Super Bowl Recipes


  • Ultra Crispy Baked Potato Wedges
  • Gluten free and vegan
  • “I entire these once! Then made them 3 more periods! Delish! How did I on no monetary credit be trained how to make THE best ever baked fries? We had given up potatoes. What a treat, and so easy!” – Kathleen

Buffalo Brussels sprouts

Buffalo sauce on Brussels sprouts? Yes. Yes without a doubt, a very good idea. I only meditation to try this incorporation after, oh, eight failed attempt at buffalo cauliflower. (I think I’ve just figured out the trick to that one, but conviction me, you’ll definitely want to give these sprout a try this weekend.)

These hoodwink Brussels sprouts are a mind-boggling Super Bowl hors d’oeuvre. They’re fresh and charmingly spicy at the same juncture. You can surround your fill of these and feel good relating to it later.

This commands starts off with a base of blond, roast Brussels sprout drizzle with a trouble-free, three-ingredient homemade confuse sauce. Top them off with ripe avocado or blue cheese (your choice, both optional) and intact herbs.

These sprouts will offer some balance to a full-scale snack increase. I anticipate you love them as much as I do!

What to Cook This February

I’m standing by to fast-forward to temperate spring days and picnics at the commons. Who’s with me? This is the time of day when the chill blues get real and the whole lot turns oblique.

This year seem especially dull, but the days are receiving longer previously. We have lots of bright continuing recipe to carry us from side to side coldness. We’re going to create it.The Fresh Super Bowl Recipestremendous Bowl is next weekend (something to do!). I’ve try to comprise some recipe below that are apposite for the big game, and I’ll split a few more earlier than the big day. Hang about well.



Favorite Broccoli Salad

Gluten-free option and vegan option

“Sloop good! My husband and I devour a whole bunch of this for dinner (And I more often than not hate raw broccoli) I made second batch right away and put it in the fridge to marinate for tomorrow!” – Rachel

1) Pasta e Aioli (Italian Pasta and Beans)

Without problems gluten free and vegan
“This is extremely delicious!! It will without doubts become a new fasten recipe in our home. I love that it contains veggies, cars and protein for a inclusive meal 🙂 Thank you Cookie and Kate for one more awesome recipe.” – Marie

























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