formaldehyde usage Harmful

Formalin (-CHO-) n is a polymer of formaldehyde usage Harmful (CH2O)

Formaldehyde looks like a white powder. Easily soluble in water. Aqueous solution of 30-40% formalin is consider as formalin. Formalin is common use in textiles, plastics, paper, paints, construction and preservation of corpses. Formalin contains methanol in addition to formaldehyde, which is harmful to the body. In the presence of the enzyme methanol in the liver, it is first converted to formaldehyde and then to formic acid. Both are deadly harmful to the body.


Formaldehyde Harmful side of formalin:

Formaldehyde attacks the retina of the eye and destroys retinal cells. As a result, people can go blind.
Immediate use of various harmful chemicals including formalin, hydrogen peroxide, carbide causes stomach ailments, sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, indigestion, diarrhea, ulcers, skin diseases.
Gradually these chemicals destroy the liver, kidneys, heart and brain. The liver and kidneys become useless. Weakens the heart. Decreased memory.

formaldehyde Harmful
formaldehyde usage Harmful

Eating formalin can lead to cancer of the stomach, lungs and airways. Bone marrow infections can lead to anemia and other blood diseases, even blood cancer. Death is inevitable. In the human body, formalin formaldehyde is convert to formic acid, which increases blood acidity and causes abnormal breathing.

Formalin and other chemicals are at risk for people of all ages. However, the most at risk are children and the elderly. Children are losing their immunity day by day by consuming formalin-laced milk, fish, fruits and toxic foods. Children and adolescents are suffering from various complex diseases including kidney, liver and various organ damage, disability, and even terminal cancer. Children’s intelligence is declining day by day.

Pregnant girls also have serious risks. Complications during childbirth, birth defects of the child, etc. may occur, the birth of a disabled child may occur. Many people are now suffering from various diseases including kidney and liver problems after consuming such food. It is seen that the same patient is suffering from diarrhea for several days in a row, his stomach is not getting better and he is suffering from skin disease.
The presence of formalin in food can be tested through various tests such as-


A solution of formaldehyde is mixe  with 2 cc of phenyl hydrogen hydrochloride (1%) and 1 cc of 5% potassium ferricyanide, then 5 cc of concentrated hydrochloric acid is add  to make the whole solution dark pink. This is called the Servers Test.
A mild solution of formaldehyde, such as fish containing formalin, is washed and mixed with 1 cc of sodium nitroproxide in its water to form a dark green-blue color. This proves the existence of formaldehyde i.e. formalin.
All these chemicals and re-agents are very difficult to get and the price is very high. So a simple and common method can   found. For example, when formalin fish is wash  and 3% (volume) hydrogen peroxide is add  to the water, formaldehyde is oxidize  and convert  to formic acid. For proof of formic acid, he will mix a little mercuric choroid in the water and it will turn white. This will prove that formic acid or formaldehyde or formalin.

formaldehyde usage Harmful
formaldehyde usage Harmful

Now the point is that the formalin presence test materials are not readily available in food. And most importantly, if you have to take these with you when you buy, you may have to give up buying.How to remove formalin from fish-Non-formalin-free fish gills are bright red, eyes and scales are bright, body odor is faint, fish body is soft. As it goes, the body is relatively stiff.
Experiments have shown that soaking fish in water for about 1 hour reduces the level of formalin by 81%.
Soaking formalin in salted water for 1 hour reduces the level of formalin by about 90%.
About 80% of formalin is remove  by washing the fish with formalin first in rice washing water and then in plain water.
The best method is to soak the fish in a mixture of vinegar and water (10% volume in water) for 15 minutes to remove almost 100% formalin.
How to remove formalin from fruits and vegetables-No matter what kind of chemical is give, it is possible to eat fruit if we are a little more aware. All we have to do is soak the fruits in water for an hour or so before eating.Litchi is green when raw. After ripening, the brick is red. Now the plants are spraye with chemicals which makes the litchi dark magenta color. It is very captivating. But you can never buy dark magenta colored litchi keeping in mind that it does not become gold when it is shiny.Soak the vegetables in hot water with salt for 10 minutes before cooking.
A type of chemical spray is use on eggplant. The use of this chemical spray is not harmful if given regularly. But the farmers of our country are ignorant about this. They know nothing about it. The action of each pesticide lasts for a certain period of time.
For example, the shelf life of a pesticide is 7 days, which means that the pesticide will remain active for up to 7 days of use, which is harmful to insects. Therefore, farmers should harvest at least 7 days after the use of pesticides. But they don’t do that and harvest in 2-1 days. As a result, the action of pesticides remains, which has a detrimental effect

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