Enter a few recipes today Let’s post a recipe

Raw chilli head (add rui fish)


Enter a few recipes today Let’s post a recipe some time ago, Temato Prada (Sprinkle and Wash Jute). Not to comment, the nation is also the victim of an accident. I don’t end up being the only one who doesn’t face.

Of course, this is not supposed to happen.

Raw chilli head

Whatever it is, let’s look at another mash recipe, raw chilli mash (with the addition of rui fish). Commenting on the tomato paste recipe, the poet Mukti Mandal Vaya gave a recipe for a puta putar paste (I will try that). It can be made by crushing any mash. I agree with the poet Mukti Mandal Vaya. He wrote –

Raw chilli head


If you make this mash by crushing it on the floor, it becomes very fine. Everything mixes very well so it is very tasty. However, if you add a little more pepper, the taste is a little higher. However, for those who do not sign the pepper on the tongue, it can be done separately. The fun of bata bharta is different.I admit. The fun of bata bharta is different. My battery has been talking about buying a separate small pataputa for making bharta in my house for a long time. I’m spending the day on the pretext of not remembering and making my own mash in the pepper mall! Aimin’s hand burns laterIrritation is burned.

I bear to say nothing. If you want to eat something good, you have to have endurance! Now I will buy a small pataputa! Let’s make this mash by crushing it in a big pot. The salt was given less, because it told me to eat bullets too. Let’s see how easy it is.Fold a few green chillies, some onions, some garlic and some coriander leaves in light oil and put it in the pan.

Adding a little salt (the amount of salt will depend on you) will make a paste.Rui can fold a piece of fish.See Final Salt. If not, adjust the amount. Mix well. Prepared raw chilli paste (with the addition of rui fish). Serve. Older / younger can also eat easily if you give less pepper / salt.

Raw chilli head


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