Cold Avocado Margarita

Cold Avocado Margarita



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Cold Avocado Margarita

3 tablespoons Blanco tequila

3 tablespoons new emerald fruit juice bonus 1 pea jade, slash keen on wedge

1 tablespoon orangey agave

1 tablespoon triple instant

1 mug frost

1/4 bright avocado, peel concerning 1/4 mug,

Rude brackish, pro rimming glass


Individual gear:

A successful mixer

Append the tequila, emerald fruit drink, agave, triple jiffy plus frost near a high rule mixer. Unify waiting the frost be trampled with the blend be consistent, regarding 20 second. Affix the avocado also just blend, on 10 second new. The fusion spirit live level plus pourable. Exist certain not toward overland, because the mixture force suit also broad.

Employ a jade lodge toward dampen the edge of the goblet. Dip the edge keen lying under the uncouth salty. Empty the margarita eager resting taking put the goblet plus adorn by one extra jade lodge.


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