Chili Paneer Recipe all popular dishes

Chili Paneer Recipe

One of the nearly all popular dishes of Indo-Chinese cuisine, Chili Pander is a delicious dish that’s prepared in a flavorful sauce. If you are looking forward to make a long-lasting consciousness on your loved ones, then try this simple recipe that’s explained in detail by step-by-step images with a video. With this formula, you be able to restaurant-style Chili Pander recipe in no time! Do make an effort this.

Chilli Paneer Recipe

Why order the bowl online, when you can prepare the easy and super flavorful paneer chili dry, semi-dry or gravy recipe at house? You must try this indulgent dish because it can be prepared with putting in many efforts and is ready in a jiffy. You just need a few ingredients with you are good to go! To make this easy chili paneer formula, all you need is pander, soy pap, olive chili sauce, ketchup with vinegar and a bunch of your favorite veggies. thus, if you too be forecast to impress your loved ones, prepare this hearty delight with indulge in the good! So, interest up your evenings by serving this pander recipe for your loved ones. You can even make gravy with this chili pander to make a complete meal which can be served by some steamed or fried rice. We be here to tell you exactly how this delightful dish is made. All you have to do is follow this formula step-by-step known below carefully, and your Chili Paneer will be ready in no time! Do try this amazing appetizer formula and enjoy it with your loved ones.


Step 1 Chop every the veggies in cubed form

To prepare this yummy appetizer formula, take a chopping board and chop the pander, onion with bell peppers in small cubes. Wash the cubed bell peppers in running water with keep them aside. nowadays, peel ginger finely chop it in a little bowl. Then cut the green chilies into strips or you can also slice them in half.

Chilli Paneer Recipe


Step 2 Marinate with shallow fry the pander pieces until golden in color

after that, add pander to a small bowl. Add corn flour, salty, auburn powder, vinegar and chili paste in it. Store for 10-15 minutes. After that, put a skillet on middle flame and heat oil in it. When the grease is hot enough, add the cubed pander pieces in it and fry them till they turn golden in color. one time done, be them aside.
Chilli Paneer Recipe


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