Begun Baja formula, How To Make Begun Baja

Begun Baja formula, How To Make Begun Baja /Baingan Baja Recipe

Begun Baja Recipe with step by step photo – Begun Baja as well known as Banging Baja are pan fried or shallow fried marinated slices of Aborigines. It is a Bengali dish and there are a lot of variations to this formula.

To make the Begun Baja you need the great variety of eggplant similar to the one which we make use of for Baingan Bhatia. The larger varieties of baronial have less seeds and more flesh.

When cooked the flesh becomes tender with a slight sweet tinge to it… Just scoop up the tender cooked flesh with some bread is so delicious.


This is my mom’s formula and I just love to have the eggplant fries with some bread or rotes. One of the dishes I often make when I am short of time and creative ideas.

I simply love aborigine’s sautéed, stir fried, roasted, mashed… Cooked in every way. It is single of my favorite veggies.

In this Begun Baja recipe, I have used mustard oil for frying the baingan and rice flour to hair the baingan. However, even sunflower oil or any extra oil will taste good. Rice flour gives a good crispiness to the fries. You can also substitute the rice flour with chickpea flour or semolina.

Again use rice flour is optional. You can just marinate the baingan slices in the macula and then fry it directly. Both ways they taste good. Similarly like baingan Baja you can also make Aloo Baja or this Brinjal fry formula from the Maharashtrian cuisine.


  1. One of the best combinations for a Baja muger khichuri is baingan Baja. However you can also serve baingan Baja with bread, rotes or nana. Rinse the urinals and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Slice them into rounds that are neither thick nor thin. In a bowl place the sliced urinals in salted water for 20 minutes. This helps to remove the bitter juices if any from the urinals.


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