Badam Phirni Recipe Yearning for an…..

Badam Phirni Recipe

Yearning for an interesting daintiness, but don’t feel like going for sugar laden delights, then we have something delicious yet healthy for you! Going back to traditional delicacies is always a great idea; this Almond Phirni will grant your taste buds a twist of taste and health. Packed with good vitamins E and other nutrients, this Bad am Phirni recipe is a perfect balance of bitter and creamy texture. Dry fruits are an inseparable part of Indian culinary heritage. What’s more these dry fruits are not only high on nutrition, but at the same time are little in calories. One such dry fruit is bad am, which is also known as almond. Phirni is traditional gracefulness, which is a perfect blend of almonds cooked with ground rice, sugar and makes the most of. What makes it even extra delicious is the addition of crushed almond paste, which amps up the nutrition factor of this bitter delight. Badam  Phirniis an indulgent dessert recipe, which is generally prepared on festivals and special occasions. Badam phirni is also a healthy kids’ recipe and should be agreed to the little ones at least once a week.

To begin with this simple recipe, just boil milk in a deep bottomed pan. Keep stirring so that the milk despot stick to the bottom of the vessel. In the meantime, take washed rice and peel the quickly soaked almonds. Then make a smooth insert. Once the milk is complete a bit, add in the almond and rice paste.

  • Step 2 Cook the phirni

Cook till milk become thick (approx 20 minutes) on low flame. Add in sweet condensed milk and keep stirring.

  • Step 3 Refrigerate the phirni

Add cardamom powder and saffron mix well and take it off flame. Take it out in a serve dish or individual bowls and chill in refrigerator for 2 hrs.

  • Step 4 Garnish and serve chilled

Coat the bad am phirni with almond slices and serve.


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