Immunity Boosting Powder Recipe

Immunity Boosting Powder Recipe
A simple homemade immunity boosting powder made from specific spices that have star immunity boosting property to help harness your IMMUNITY.

A delicious and versatile immune boosters
Perfect for cold & flu seasonal
Safe for kids

Immunity Boosting Powder Recipe

With spices that are already laying in your kitchen cabinet you can make this powerful immunity boosting powder. Make them for your home help, drivers, residence watchmen, sanctuary guards too or simply share this recipes with them. Each of these spices are available in almost every house.


7 tbsp. – Organic Turmeric powder (halide)
4 tbsp. – Cumin seeds (jeerer)
4 tbsp. – Coriander Seeds (dahlia)
7 tbsp.- Fennel seeds (sound / variable)
2 tbsp.- Dry Ginger Powder (staunch)
2 tbsp. – Whole black pepper (kali march)
1/2 tbsp. – Sri Lankan Rolled Cinnamon powder (decline)
3 tbsp. – Cardamom powder / pods (whole green leachy)
Keep turmeric powder and dry ginger powder in a separated bowl (no roasting)
2. Lightly roast all the remaining ingredients on a slow flamed till you get a nice aroma.
(avoid blazing of spices)
3. one time cooled, move them in a grinder and grind them to a powder.
4. include turmeric and dry ginger powder to it and mix with a dry spoon.
5. Store in a cleaning, air tight glass or steel jar
How to consumed?
Have 1- 4 /  1 teaspoon with a glass of warm water in the morning or mix 1- 4 /1 teaspoon yeast mix in some organic A2 ghee and have it off the spoon. A good quality fat source always helps enhance adsorption. normally, 5g a day is safer.
You can add it to your bowl of pipe hot soup while cookery it or to your  khadi or ‘ransom’ or sambas’ or any ‘curry’ or ‘subjoin’ or use it to make your ‘pula’s’ and ‘chi chi’s’. Use it the way you would use your spice in cooking.
It makes a great alternative for graham masala as well.
Use it as a seasonings
Who can consumed?
Anybody and everyone in order to harness immunity – the biggest investment today. It’s great for your children, the old, everyone. Mothers of young children can mix this in small quantities in food – like dals, soup, chechia’s, porridges and give it to their kids. You can drink it every day or when you feel your health is dipping. If you cannot make the mix house, then you can forever get your hands on the convenient Immunity Boosting Powder, for your expediency.




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